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One of the best things about color-enhanced mulch is the gorgeous color and contrast that it brings to your lawn and home. It gives you the flexibility to create the landscaping look you love, and makes flower beds and trees really “pop.” Talk about curb appeal!

Benefits of Color-Enhanced Mulch

But did you know there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this type of mulch? Much of the beauty of color enhanced mulch is in its valuable benefits, including:

  • It holds its vibrant color for a full season—from spring through fall—which is something no other natural mulch can claim. Sometimes it will even last for two full seasons, but you should freshen it with another layer between seasons.
  • It provides better UV-resistance than regular mulch.
  • It’s safe for the environment, kids, pets, plants, and you.
  • Like other mulches, it also suppresses weeds, retains moisture, and deposits nutrients in the soil for optimal growing conditions.

Maintaining it

Here are some smart tips to help keep your color-enhanced mulch looking and working great:

  • Although colored mulch retains its vivid colors longer than traditional mulch, you’ll still want to use a cultivator or rake to loosen it up periodically, in order to avoid fungal growth and to aerate and hydrate your plants.
  • Since it’s always in high demand, we often deliver color enhanced mulch wet. It requires 12-24 hours of sun drying time before the color sets, so make sure you wait to spread it—ideally you’ll want to have 24 hours without rain. If it gets wet before that, some of the color may wash out.
  • Spread colored mulch over existing loosened mulch or bare ground, and be sure that it’s distributed evenly, to a depth of two to four inches. To ensure proper water runoff, slope it away from nearby structures.

At Saunders Landscape Supply we’re proud to offer high quality color enhanced mulch in black, red, or brown, in addition to many other mulch varieties. In the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas, we can deliver 7 to 100 cubic yards (or even more) direct to your driveway. Delivery is free.

Use our material calculator on the right-hand side of this page to see how much mulch you’ll need.