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Saunders Landscape Supply sells local native topsoil, compost, Orgro, manufactured organic compost and organic topsoil with FREE delivery in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Order online or by phone for topsoil delivered FREE right to your driveway!

How Does Topsoil Work?

Like the name implies, topsoil rests on top of your natural soil bed. It’s the first layer of soil, usually about 2 to 8 inches. Your plants are born of your topsoil. Plant success depends on the nutrients, pH balance, water retention and aeration of your topsoil layer. Without a vibrant layer of topsoil, your plants will struggle to survive, much less thrive.

All soil contains clay, sand and silt. The ratio of the three matters an enormous amount. Topsoil contains a little extra; about 10 percent of topsoil is organic matter from plants and animals. The organic matter introduces critical compounds that soil life feeds on.

Bacteria, fungi, nematodes and other microscopic organisms thrive in topsoil. In fact, a teaspoon of topsoil can contain 1 billion bacteria. They eat the organic matter and minerals and convert them into nutrients for the plants. Their byproducts keep the soil porous by binding everything into particulates that crumble easily.

At Saunders, we screen our topsoil at ½ inch. Screening ensures an even consistency, which means the air and water your plants need can penetrate the soil easily. Roots from your grass, gardens and trees effortlessly travel through consistent topsoil.

We also regularly send off samples of our topsoil for lab testing for pH balance and acidity. We ensure a TOP QUALITY product because your lawn’s performance depends on it. Our 20+ years of award-winning service were built on returning customers who saw great results from our products. It’s the backbone of the Saunders business.

Best Uses for Topsoil

Our standard topsoil is native to the region and perfect as a filler, soil amendment or base for a new lawn.

Start a New Lawn

If you’re moving into a newly built home or pulling up an old lawn to fix issues, you’ll need a layer of topsoil to plant in. You’ll want to loosen the first couple inches of soil, disposing of debris and breaking up larger chunks.

Then add your topsoil, delivered FREE typically within a day of ordering. If you don’t know how much you need, contact our experts. Spread the topsoil evenly, fertilize and till the soil. You want to till deep enough that you get into the subsoil. Get a good mix of the topsoil, subsoil and fertilizer.

Lastly, add your grass seeds liberally and lay a small amount of topsoil over the seeds to prevent them from blowing away. Water daily for a couple weeks. With your new fertile layer of topsoil, you should get a lush lawn growing quickly.

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