If you haven’t discovered the advantages of cedar mulch yet, this could be your year. Mulch benefits your plants, flowers, and trees while bumping up the WOW factor in your yard. But cedar mulch has unique properties, and it can do a lot more:

  1. Restricts fungus and bacteria growth — Cedar mulch’s water-soluble chemical, thujaplicin, works to prevent both fungal and bacterial growth. The chemical protects your plants and leaves your garden looking fantastic.
  2. Helps regulate temperature — Light-colored cedar mulch reflects sunlight to keep temperatures cooler during the summer and provides cover to keep them warmer during the winter.
  3. Doesn’t shift — Since it’s shredded into small interlocking pieces that form a dense mat, cedar mulch stays in place better than other types of mulch, even with heavy wind and rain. There’s no need to reapply cedar mulch midway through the season! It stays tidy and looks great, saving you time, work, and money.
  4. Breaks down slowly — Mulch takes awhile to decompose, leaving you with a lot of time before you have to replenish it.
  5. Controls weeds — Cedar mulch is a great weed control. It blocks any sunlight that weeds need and prevents seed germination.
  6. Repels insects naturally —  Cedar acts as a natural repellent for ants, termites, roaches, crickets and slugs. However, cedar mulch also acts as protection for earthworms in your soil.

Like other mulches, cedar mulch can help plants retain water, deter weeds, and add nutrients to the soil. We’re proud to offer high quality cedar mulch for delivery in Northern Virginia. Turn over some new mulch and try cedar this year.