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When designing your landscaping, you have to think outside of the traditional features. Think beyond the flora and fauna, beyond the fencing. Look into the small details of your yard — because, surprisingly, that is what people will notice the most. These small details, these finishing touches, are what make your yard stand out. The minutiae are what elevate your yard from nice to sophisticated. The small details include the lighting, the accents, and the stone. In this article, we are going to focus on the stones.

Gravel and stones are a simple addition to your yard that can enhance the look of any landscaping. Stones offer an affordable and easy-to-install addition to your landscaping that is durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. There are many options for stones that you can choose from, depending on the use of the stone.

Best Stones for Driveways

Typically, when you think of driveways, you do not think of gravel and stone. It seems surprising, then, that we are recommending gravel for your driveway. However, gravel is actually a very suitable option for your driveway! Unlike asphalt and concrete, gravel doesn’t sink, and it can handle water very well. Comparably, gravel also tends to be a more affordable option than asphalt and concrete. The 57 Bluestone Gravel is the best type of gravel for your driveway. This gravel is 3/4” thick, so it is excellent at drainage. The 57 Bluestone Gravel will make your driveway stand out in a sea of asphalt driveways in your neighborhood.

Best Stones for Drains

Gravel and stones can also solve the problem of poor drainage in your yard. By combining a pipe and gravel, you can divert water away from your yard. This method is known as the French drain. The best stone for draining water in your yard is the River Wash (1” – 3”). The River Wash comes in a variety of shades of tan. These small rocks will cover the pipe in your yard and add a nice accent to your landscaping. If you want to ensure proper drainage in your yard without bringing attention to the problem, these stones are the perfect way to simultaneously solve a major problem and add an elevated look.

Best Stones for Erosion Control

According to the World Wildlife Fund, erosion is a big cause for concern in terms of landscaping. Erosion of the topsoil can cause damage to your soil and a loss of nutrients in your yard. Additionally, erosion can cause your lawn to ineffectively absorb water, which can cause damage to the foundation of your house. Therefore, it is extremely important that you control erosion in your yard before it causes bigger problems. The Surge Gray Stone (1.5” – 3.5”) is perfect for controlling erosion, and it looks beautiful, too! These stones naturally come in different shapes and sizes, in a stone grey color. These stones will strengthen the soil, preventing the soil from shifting and eroding.
We also offer Gabion Stones (6” – 12”) that can also be used to prevent soil erosion. Compared to the Surge Gray Stone, the Gabion Stones are bigger and have a warmer tone to them, with flecks of reddish coloring. These rocks add a beautiful accent to your landscaping.

Best Stones for Flower Bed

Adding stones to a flower bed may seem like an obvious choice, but it is important to consider what type and style of stones you are adding. In reality, you can use almost any stone you want, and each different type of stone will add a certain, beautiful quality to your flower bed. Maybe you had a bunch of tiny flowers, so you may consider adding larger rocks to contrast the scenery. You may have colorful flowers, so a warmer, neutral tone may suit your flower bed more. If you have large, spread-out flora, then you are better off with smaller sized stones. While you can go with almost any type of stone for a flower bed, we recommend River Wash, Small River Jack, and 57 Red Brick Colored Stone as good options. The 57 Red Brick Colored Stone will go beautifully with dark colored plants or bushes.

Best Stones for Pathways

As mentioned previously, stones are excellent for controlling drainage, which makes them ideal for creating and maintaining pathways. If you have a veranda, or you want to connect your deck or patio to the front of your house, then adding a pathway gives you a beautiful look. In addition, adding a pathway is very utilitarian, providing an elevated option for going to your backyard. While these stones can’t be easily used for creating a flat patio, they can be used to connect different areas of your yard, creating a more cohesive look and environment.
For pathways, we recommend our 3/8 Bluestone Gravel and Pea Gravel. Because these two types of gravel are relatively small, they are easy to maneuver and step on. To clearly outline and define the pathway, you can use a larger stone, such as the River Rock, to delineate the pathway.

Best Stones for Bedding

If you are looking for stone to add to your bedding, then we offer 21-A Recycled Concrete and RC2 Recycled Concrete, which don’t necessarily add to curb appeal landscaping, but they do not have to, since that is not their purpose. These two types of stones are not natural, but they help with stormwater infiltration pits, drainage, and erosion control. They can be used for construction and purely utilitarian conditions.

There are a multitude of options for you to pick the best stones that are optimal for what you need them for. Whether you have a functional use or want to add a decorative look to your home, adding stones to your landscaping is a perfect addition to your yard, elevating the look of your home. Call Saunders Landscaping today to order the stones that are perfect for your yard!