Wet firewood and seasoned firewood are commonly mistaken for one another. We hope to clear up any misunderstandings folks may have when it comes to these two different stages of wood.

Any firewood that contains a 25{b01528005b3f2e8ae88c04188dc390ecf203d6c2d34b91dc111f75ac06619c05} moisture rating or above (measured with a moisture meter), is considered to be wet firewood. When wood is first cut down from a tree, it can contain up to 80{b01528005b3f2e8ae88c04188dc390ecf203d6c2d34b91dc111f75ac06619c05} of moisture content. Due to the high moisture when first cut, firewood must be seasoned, left outside to dry for months to properly dry. Check out some tips to properly store wet firewood.

Seasoned firewood will register with a moisture rating at or below 20{b01528005b3f2e8ae88c04188dc390ecf203d6c2d34b91dc111f75ac06619c05}. Climate will dictate how long cut wood will take to season. When your firewood reaches the seasoned status, it is now ready to burn!

Firewood’s moisture rating dictates whether or not it is considered to be wet or seasoned firewood. Once the firewood has graduated to seasoned, it’s time to put it to use!

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