Have you ever wondered what the difference is between topsoil and compost and what is best for your project? We thought it might be a good time to talk about the difference so you can decide what you need.

Topsoil is the first layer of ground in your landscape. However, topsoil is also a product you can purchase. It is a mixture of mineral grains, organic matter, water and air. That mixture is designed to provide nutrients to plants and help hold water so you don’t have areas of erosion in your landscape.

Compost is made of decaying plant and animal matter, so it is organic matter. It doesn’t have the same mixture as topsoil, so it has a different function. Compost is designed to provide nutrients to the topsoil and all the layers of soil in your landscape.

Every landscape can use an infusion of good topsoil and compost. We recommend you contact us for help on how much you need. Then after both the topsoil and compost are delivered, it’s an easy process. Put a mixture of topsoil and compost in garden beds and rake the mixture into the existing soil. Then add a layer of mulch.

For your lawn, sprinkle a coating of the mixture and then water it. You can even mix grass seeds with this and overseed your lawn at the same time.

The fall and winter moisture will distribute the nutrients to plant roots and throughout the soil layers. Then in the spring and summer you will see the results of plants having that food they need.