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Before long, it will be time to tuck those Annapolis, Maryland, rose bushes in for a lengthy winter’s nap. So we are encouraging gardeners to get their topsoil and mulch orders in now. In our experience, both items are essential to completing fall rose care projects in Montgomery, Anne Arundel, and Price George’s Counties.

Our topsoil is delivered free and it’s perfect for creating mounds that extend about the bud union. By protecting the area up to and above the bud union, gardeners will actually be helping the bushes ease into the cool weather autumns in Maryland are known for. Of course once the ground is frozen, it will be time to break out the mulch.

It is important to note that our mulch is delivered free as well. It comes in your choice of five different forms and assorted colors. The list of mulch types that would be perfect for fall rose care include leaf, double shredded hardwood, wood chip and color enhanced. The color enhanced comes with your choice of a vibrant red, deep brown or black mixture. Understandably, any one of those colors would look fabulous utilized in a fall rose garden or flower bed.

In addition to adding topsoil and mulch to your roses at the proper time, you’ll want to check for potential problems. For example, signs of powdery mildew and black spot may be present on your roses. If they are, the conditions will need to be aggressively addressed before winter settles in. Depending on the situation, you may need to do that by pruning diseased canes, removing damaged leaves and spraying the bushes weekly with special fungicides.

Other items to look for are signs of insect activity. The list of Maryland insects known to damage rose bushes are Japanese beetles, rose chafers and rose slugs. Their presence may require the use of insecticides, traps and hand removal of live, visible bugs.

To learn more about getting fall landscaping supplies delivered free in time to tuck your property’s rose bushes in for the winter, please contact us today.