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In any business, all it takes to succeed is hard work and an original idea. Saunders Landscape Supply has built themselves upon this philosophy for 25 years.

The company, which began as one man with a tireless work ethic and an original idea of delivering quality landscaping materials to property owners, has bloomed into a successful company, highly revered by its clients.

Saunders delivers mulch, topsoil, gravel, stone, sand, firewood and woodchips to landscapes across the area. Call them today to jumpstart your landscape project and see why Don Saunders is beloved by his clients.

>Review #1:

“You get what you pay for, I have ordered firewood in July for this winter. The wood was of excellent quality. I ordered a 1/2 cord and they delivered 3/4 of a cord. All hardwood. I can’t vouch for the other services they provide, but for firewood, they are the best around.”

  • Satisfied Client, Crofton, MD

>Review #2:

“I ordered firewood again this year from Saunders. As with last year’s order, it was of very good quality…all good hardwood as advertised. (This has definitely not been what I often received in the past from other suppliers). The amount I received was actually more than I paid for. Very good customer service also. Very satisfied.”

  • Satisfied Client, Bowie, Maryland

>Review #3:

“We’ve ordered from them for years. Mulch in the spring, firewood in the fall. We used their compost on the garden this year and the veggies are endless. The driver calls before he arrives so that I can move the cars out of the driveway. It doesn’t get any better than them!”

  • Satisfied Client, Chester, MD

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