Most of us use mulch when planting new plants to help them grow, and in flower beds to keep weeds from growing as much. However, mulch is one of the most essential steps for fall. In fact, mulching can be the difference between life and death for some of your plants.

Why is mulching so important for the fall?

1. Fresh mulch in the fall is similar to putting an extra protective barrier between

your plants and the winter weather. During the fall, and as winter approaches, the temperature fluctuates and can actually create ground movement that exposes the crowns or upper root systems to freezing weather. Mulch protects your plants from these fluctuations and will protect your plants from freezing.

2. Fresh mulch is needed in the fall to help protect from soil erosion. You might have put mulch down in the spring, but it has started to decompose, and so a fresh layer is needed so the soil doesn’t wash away with the fall and early winter rains.

3. A fresh layer of mulch provides more food for worms and micro-organisms. You want this, because those in turn benefit the soil and provide you a richer soil for plant growth the next spring and summer.

So, take a few minutes and look around your yard. How much mulch will you need to protect your flowers, your gardens, your trees, and your shrubs? If you need help deciding how much, feel free to contact us and let us help. We even deliver much free to make the job easier.