There are many endangered species in this world and one of them lives right here in Maryland. It’s aptly called the Baltimore checkerspot butterfly. Because it is under threat, residents are being encouraged to help improve the species’ chances of survival by creating butterfly habitats. Creating the habitat is quite easy once you arrange to have landscaping supplies delivered free.

The list of landscaping supplies needed to create a haven for Baltimore checkerspot butterflies includes, but is not narrowed down to the following:

  • Orgro Compost
  • Native Topsoil
  • Potting Mixes
  • Leaf Mulch

It is important to have white turtlehead, milkweed, wild blackberries, dogbane, mountain mint seeds and a butterfly roosting box on hand too. The Baltimore checkerspots will use the plants as a source of food and the roosting box as a place of respite.

After the landscaping supplies are delivered free, find an area of land that features naturally acidic, clay-based soil and a high water table. If the soil is not naturally acidic, don’t stress. You can always add soil enhancements to get the pH level at, or under, 6.8. Next, use basic gardening tools to plant the vegetation that we mentioned earlier. You’ll also want to install the roosting box and perhaps make a walking path and observation area as well.

If you do decide to make the walking path and observation area, you’ll want to add to your list of landscaping supplies. The list of landscaping materials that would be perfect for creating butterfly observation areas and walkways includes bluestone gravel, surge gray, stone dust, small river Jack and masonry or washed concrete sand.

To learn more about having landscaping supplies delivered free to your soon-to-be Maryland checkerspot butterfly paradise, please contact us. To reach our Saunders Landscape Supply team, please call (703) 828-1609 (VA) or (301) 500-2200 (MD) during normal business hours or shoot Don a quick e-mail.