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Show your lawn some love by investing in Organic Topsoil. Just like your bowl of Wheaties, it’s packed with goodness giving you the best results for a healthy, happy lawn and garden. You want to go organic because it’s packed with nutrients, minerals and microbial life, adding their own organic matter to your soil, even fertilizing your lawn after they’ve eaten their way up there. Another reason we say organic soil verse dirt, is that it’s hard to get anything to grow in dirt. It simply lacks the nutrients plants need to grow that organic topsoil has. It’s sort of like croissants verse that bowl of fruit. We may not choose the right one but we know which is better.

Aside from the health benefits it provides, organic topsoil prevents erosion. We’ve all seen plenty of rain on the East Coast this year and sure more is in store. We recommend a minimum of at least four inches but six is our lucky number for best results.

Think about this. If you build muscle, it’s easier to carry things around. With a richer and deeper amount of strong topsoil, you can water your lawn less, saving money and water. It also provides for a greener lawn since grass thrives and settles into the deeper soil.

And if you happen to have a lot of rock beneath your soil, you’re going to want to go with more soil than less to see your garden grow. Every lawn is different but they all need the same nutrients and minerals to grow that you can only find in organic topsoil.
Buy 5 yards, GET THE 6th yard for free.

To take advantage of this special savings, type EVENT6 in the “additional delivery instructions” box after check-out.