Compost is an extraordinary product that has a huge amount of uses. Adding compost to your soil will always benefit it and help it to improve, and will add the extra nutrients your plants and flowers need to thrive.

Additionally, because compost contains humic and other organic acids, it aids in the degradation of simple components that plants use, making it even easier for them acquire them through soil absorption.

Don’t have a compost bin? Here’s how to build one in 5 simple steps using an old snow fence:

Unless you want a ready-made version, which are usually more expensive than they need to be, to begin the process you will need 4 wooden or metal posts, 12-15 feet of snow fence that is roughly 3 feet high, and some heavy wires.

Tools you’ll need are as follows: Tin snips, pliers, a sledge, gloves.

1. Choose a suitable site for your compost bin. Some place out of the way, but close enough for easy access. Measure a 3 foot square plot.

2. Drive your posts into the ground at each corner to support your fencing and keep it sturdy.

3. Take care to cut the wires to length to act as supports for your new bin.

4. Attach the snow fence with the wires at each post around the square. Don’t forget to wear your gloves!

5. Use the wires and attach the fence together at one end, securing it in place.

Voila! You’ve got your very own compost heap! Now all you need is some compost to fill it with.

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