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Whether you are looking for gravel for a driveway, recycled concrete for a pathway, or pebbles for a flower bed, Saunders Landscape Supply is here to help you. We have a large variety of rocks available, but what all these different types have in common is their durability and low cost. You may have an exciting project in mind and an idea of what type of rock will look best for it, but you still need to answer the question “How much rock do I need?” We are here not only to help you choose your rock, but also get this question answered so you can get started with whatever project you have planned.

Every landscaping element is different, depending on its size, purpose, and aesthetic appeal, as well as the taste of the designer. This is why there is not one clear response that will answer every person’s question about how much rock is needed for their project. This being said, continue reading for comparable estimates based on projects, as well as a clear way that we can help you figure out how much your unique project will need.

Once again, there are so many opportunities for using rock in your landscaping, but here are some examples of possible projects and how much rock you can expect to need.

How Much Rock Do I Need for Driveways?

Obviously, because of the large amount of space that driveways take up, their creation requires a large amount of rock. Your specific amount required will depend on the size and shape of the driveway. But do not worry, because gravel is so affordable that even a large driveway will not require too large of a budget, as gravel is much cheaper than asphalt or concrete. You can calculate the amount of rock needed by finding the projected width, length, and depth of the driveway, then using these amounts to calculate the necessary square footage of gravel.

How Much Rock Do I Need for Erosion Control?

The amount of rock required for an erosion control project is also very dependent on the designer’s needs. People typically use larger stones such as our Surge Gray or Gabion Stones to hold down the land, and the total amount required depends on the size of land and its current status of erosion. Think about what effect you want the rocks to have and how much area you want to have covered by them in order to decide how much rock is right for your project.

How Much Rock Do I Need for Flower Beds?

Rocks in flower beds provide an aesthetic appeal that nothing else has the ability to add, as well as erosion and heat control. People usually use small rocks like pebbles for these projects, though there is a small amount of total rock needed because the amount of space covered is generally fairly low. Once again, you need to calculate the total amount of space that would be taken up by these rocks to decide on the square footage of rocks needed, and this number will likely vary greatly depending on the specifics of the project.

How Much Rock Do I Need for Pathways?

Pathways may take up more or less rock than a driveway, depending on how wide and long each element is. Our customers typically use smaller rocks such as the 3/8 Bluestone or Pea Gravel for their pathways, though some people like to contrast this with larger rocks used to provide the outline for the structure. To figure out how much rock you need, figure out the space the rocks would take up (length, width, and depth of the path), as well as how long the path would be if you decide to do an outline with larger rocks.

How Much Rock Do I Need for Bedding?

A final example of a project that you may want to use rocks for is bedding. Whether you are setting up bedding for a construction site, an equestrian space, or anything else you may decide that rocks of some sort is the best material for the project. Recycled concrete, Gray 21-A, and Stone Dust are all popular materials for bedding. Similar to the other projects, the amount of rock you need for bedding really depends on the space you want to fill. Many spaces are much larger than the size of a driveway, requiring more rock than is needed for those projects, though others may be smaller and therefore require much less rock.

Depending on the project you are getting ready to start, the size of the space you are covering with rock, and therefore how much rock you will need, can be very different. We understand that there are so many different uses for rocks in the world of landscaping, which is why we created the material calculator. When you look at our website, once you have chosen your type of rock based on the type of project you are completing and the aesthetic appeal you want it to have, just proceed to the checkout. There, we will calculate exactly how much of the material you will need based on your unique measurements and the overall goals of your project. You can trust us to get this figured out quickly and efficiently, and our many happy customers can attest to this.

Once you do assess your project and how much rock you need for it, we will get the rock to you as soon as possible so you can begin working on your landscaping project, whatever it may be. All materials are delivered to you for free, no matter how much rock you decide you need to order, and the shipment is often completed within just a day or two. We can even help by giving you advice for the completion of your project, such as how to build a rock pathway or tips for making the rock look more natural, meaning that we will be here for you even once your payment and rock delivery are completed.

If you are ready to go ahead and get started with your rock-based landscaping process, then we are ready to help. Check out our material calculator for how much rock you need on our checkout page or go ahead and give us a call at 703-420-7487 (VA) or 301-327-2304 (MD) for a free consultation.