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How often do you think about your yard’s topsoil? Whether it’s a regular concern for you or merely a passing thought, the health of your topsoil is crucial to the appearance of your landscape. If your topsoil has diminished due to construction around your home, or it is simply lacking the nutrients to create a thriving yard, you may want to consider purchasing fresh topsoil to bolster the health of your lawn, plants and flowers. The steps provided below will help you introduce a new layer of nutrient rich topsoil to your landscape.

Topsoil For Your Lawn

  1. Whether you need topsoil for a newly planted lawn or your existing lawn has a number of bare spots, a fresh layer of soil can help ignite new life into your grass. To start, simply spread a thin layer of topsoil in the areas where it is needed. Doing so provides those spots with the healthy soil they need to start producing a green and lush yard.
  2. Using a rake, carefully move the soil around to ensure it is evenly dispersed; otherwise you’ll be left with areas that don’t receive enough topsoil to thrive.
  3. Next, provide your new soil with a descent amount of water. Supplying at least two inches of water for the topsoil’s first drink allows it to effectively disperse the fresh nutrients it has into your existing soil.
  4. If you’re going to add a fertilizer to your lawn after putting a new layer of topsoil down, be sure you don’t overdo it. Unfortunately, over saturating your yard with fertilizer can end up burning the roots of your grass, especially if you’re applying it during the summer months.

Topsoil For Your Garden

  1. If you’re planning on adding a garden to your landscape, fresh topsoil is a must. The best course of action requires you to mix around 3 inches of topsoil into your garden before planting any flowers.
  2. After the topsoil is in place, you’ll need to use a tiller to thoroughly combine the garden dirt with the new topsoil. You’ll know the procedure is done once you can no longer tell the difference between the garden dirt and the topsoil.
  3. Your final step is to water your newly combined soil before you plant any flowers for the season. As with your grass, providing water permits the topsoil to spread the nutrients it carries throughout your garden, which creates the perfect environment for your flowers to flourish.

If you’re interested in buying fresh topsoil for your yard, please contact us today to view our inventory of landscaping supplies.