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When, Where and Why–Organic Topsoil

Experts are experts because they’ve been at something for a long time and become really good at it. And we’ve definitely been working with topsoil for a long time. So if you’ve ever wondered what kind of topsoil to use and when, keep reading.

There are four types of ingredients in our organic topsoil: clay, salt, and sand. Along with organic matter, a combination of the four creates organic topsoil. What makes organic topsoil ideal is that all these different matters have different sizes, creating a soil that holds water and then releasing it.This makes it ideal for gardening and keeps a steady supply of water & nutrients going for your flowers and vegetables. It can also be modified to fit different landscapes by adding more or less of a soil type.

What makes Organic Topsoil “organic” is filled with living organisms and free of toxins.To qualify as organic soil, it has been screened, modified, tested for chemicals, have a certain pH balance and other requirements. Though more expensive than regular topsoil, it’s a much better investment and healthier for your grass.

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