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We have probably all seen the people wanting to sell firewood. There are ads listed on the Internet, and sometimes people with signs in their yards with firewood for sale. It might sound like a good idea and might seem like you could save some money purchasing that firewood. But, are you getting quality firewood?

You might be, and you might not be. So, we thought it would be a good time to talk about what is quality firewood and what isn’t.

Oak: Oak is one of the best types of firewood, if it’s dried properly. When you burn dried oak in your home this winter, it will give you a hot fire that burns slowly. They key is that the oak needs to be aged in a dry area for at least a year. If you are purchasing oak from someone, ask them how long that wood has been drying and where it’s been drying.

Birch: Birch will give you a hot fire in your home this winter. However, it will burn faster than Oak, so you will need more firewood if you rely on Birch. On the other hand, Birch is usually less expensive than Oak.

Pine: Pine is easy to find and will dry, or season, faster than Oak or Birch. It’s easy to start in your fireplace or wood stove, but it will burn fast and doesn’t produce a hot fire. If you use Pine, be careful of sap pockets which can ignite in a chimney and cause a house fire.

Elm: Elm trees are found in most areas of the United States and might be the wood you find a homeowner selling. This is because Elm trees get Dutch Elm Disease and have to be cut down. This wood will provide medium heat, but if you are going to split it yourself, you might find the task difficult.

As you can see, quality firewood is aged wood and there are choices depending on what you want. If you are still wondering what type is best for you, just contact us. We will help you find the best firewood for your home, and we even deliver free!