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What are your favorite smells of fall and winter? Do you love the spicy smell of cinnamon, the smell of a furnace when it first comes on, the rich smell of fall candles, or the sharp smell of pine sap after you have held a pine cone?

One of our favorite smells of fall and winter is the smell of a stack of firewood brought in from the cold. As the wood warms, the subtle odors of the trees, such as oak, start to warm the room.

Then as you burn the firewood, there is the smell of the trees mixing with a subtle smoky smell. It isn’t a strong smell, but a smell that reminds us of roasting marshmallows over a summer campfire.

It’s also a smell that reminds us of last winter when we spent time in front of the fireplace just relaxing and enjoying a glass of our favorite wine.

Are you ready to enjoy the smells of fall and winter, including the smell of wood burning in your fireplace or wood stove? Have you looked at your stack of firewood lately to see if you have enough for the winter weather that is coming soon? Have you inspected your stack of firewood to be sure it is dry wood so it burns efficiently?

If your answers to those questions means you need more firewood and you need quality firewood, then now is a great time to act. Just contact us and we will be happy to deliver firewood for your winter needs so you too can enjoy the smells of fall and winter as we will.