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Early Pruning & Protecting!

As the days get longer and the weather begins to warm we are all reminded of the sounds & smells of the season ahead- the steady hum of the lawnmower is welcomed with open ears…Oh, the great outdoors!

After a long winter your main goal is to bring your outdoor life back to good health so that it may start to build a good root system again this year. Here is a comprehensive garden task list for lawn & garden enthusiasts’ in the greater DC metro region for March, courtesy of the Washington Gardener Magazine.

Simple starter check-list for our eager lawn over achievers:

  • Pick up all the debris in the yard that has blown in or tree branches that have fallen.
  • Once your lawn is dry from our recent snow begin to lightly rake.
  • Take note of bare spots, drainage challenges due to low spots & soil compaction.
  • Seeding, aerating & leveling are all part of the fun- just remember to complete this early so that the seeds have time to take root before the hot summer sun.

Now it’s time to apply the lawn nutrients. Your lawn hibernated all winter so make sure you reward it with a healthy mix of compost & topsoil, organic soil.

Simple starter check-list for our early Garden Enthusiasts:

  • Begin by removing rocks, debris & any remaining annuals left over from last season.
  • Tidy up your beds and secure the structure.
  • Evaluate the lay of the land. Don’t fight mother nature- it’s much more beneficial to go with her. Are drainage & sunlight accounted for this season?
  • Pruning- Don’t be in a huge hurry to remove droopy plants. Keep in mind that haste makes waste! You can determine if a plant is dead or alive by scratching the bark with your fingernail. The layer just below the bark may very well be green- a welcomed surprise!
  • Now it’s time to get your soil ready for health by tilling your garden area.
  • Feeding for life- Coffee grounds, egg shells, topsoil & Mulch are all enriching for our beautiful friends.
  Use our material calculator on the right to see how much topsoil or mulch you’ll need. Order here or call us at (301) 500-2200 or (703) 828-1609.