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Before autumn gets into full swing, consider taking a look at your home’s driveway. Are there any depressions, small cracks or huge potholes present? If so, ordering a load of Gray 21A or another form of gravel may be in order. Here’s why:

Gray 21A and other forms of gravel or stone may be used to repair driveway depressions, regardless of their size. If you have a gravel or dirt driveway to begin with, use drainage gravel to create a crown and the Gray 21A as sub-base filler for the depressions. Then top it off with either Bluestone or another type of gravel. We’d recommend making that top layer at least 2-inches thick. Otherwise, you could end up inadvertently removing too much during snow shoveling season.

If you have an asphalt or concrete driveway, Gray 21A may still come in handy. For example, you could use it to partially fill deep depressions. Later, depending on the type of driveway, the holes could be filled to the top with cold patch or concrete. Just make sure that you tamp the materials down accordingly and let either one cure properly before going ahead with any additional fall clean up plans.

The driveway is not the only place where you might want to add some gravel before the leaves fly. It may also be used to improve drainage around your home’s driveway, foundation, walkways, patios, decks, drain spouts and more. Plus, you could always add the decorative gravel to autumn flower beds, potted plants or other landscaped areas. It would help improve the area’s aesthetics as well as tamp down dust and reduce future ice buildup.

To learn more and have Gray 21A or other types of gravel delivered to your home in the weeks ahead, please contact us today. As long as we have the gravel or stone you want in stock, we’ll waive the delivery fee and leave your order at the base of your driveway for easy access.