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Have you started composting yet? If not, it’s a task that you may want to consider getting underway now. There are many benefits associated with it and we can help get your pile started quickly and easily. With that said, here’s a quick look at how and why you should put it on your fall to-do list:

To get started, pick a really sunny spot on your property that is away from the house but close enough to be easily accessible with a wheelbarrow in tow. Then buy or make a compost bin and place it in that designated area. The bin only has to be large enough to keep the compost contained, moist, warm, ventilated and protected from the local wildlife. Otherwise, the compost won’t turn out right and the neighborhood’s animals will climb all over the pile looking for food.

Once you have your composting area set up, contact us and order anywhere from 7 to 10 cubic yards of compost. We’ll deliver it for free and deposit the order at the end of your driveway. From there, you’ll need to wheel it over to your composting area and put it into your newly created bin.

Please note that our compost is high in nutrients and ready to be used as you see fit. So you can either stop your composting project right there or continue on by adding to the pile. If you decide to add to the pile, you’ll need to engage in basic composting tasks like wetting and turning the materials every so often. Doing so will help to keep the mix perfect and ready to go, which brings us to the many benefits of composting.

Composting helps add nutrients and structure as well as stabilize the pH levels of soil. It can also help minimize storm runoff problems and help the ground retain the right amount of moisture. Understandably, all of those characteristics will help plants grow and improve the look of a property’s landscaping. To learn more about composting and get started on your project right away, please contact us at Saunders Landscape Supply today.