You might have heard about using compost for your lawn or garden. That is a great use that is recommended to have healthy soil for plants and grass to grow. But it’s important to know the different types of compost that are available. Some composts are intended for seeds and cuttings, some for potting. Some composts contain ingredients that your plants need and some don’t. So, what are the possible ingredients in the recipes for compost?

1. Peat: Decaying vegetable is a naturally occurring substance that might be in your compost recipe. Peat is not high in nutrients, but it does provide a warm, aerated environment which is important for plant roots. It also helps hold moisture.

2. Sterilised Loam: Loam is sterilised when it has been heat treated to ensure all diseases and weed seeds have been destroyed. Be sure and make sure it is sterilised.

3. Grit: Grit is usually added to compost to improve the aeration around the roots and to help with drainage. Ask what size of grit is in the compost you want to purchase.

4. Coir: Coir might be in your recipe for compost. It is a natural by-product of coconut husks and helps the compost retain water.

5. Bark: If the compost recipe does not include peat, it might include bark. The key is to be sure the bark is adequately composted so it doesn’t damage plants.

6. Composted Stable Manure: This ingredient contains many nutrients from horse manure and bedding materials. Many times compost will have this ingredient, but the odor is absent.

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