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Let’s face it. Northern VA and Maryland are excellent places to establish community gardens. The weather is great for growing a wide variety of items and there are plenty of resources available. Here’s a look at where would-be community gardeners may find some of the best resources around:

Funding for Community Gardens

Need funding for your Northern VA or Maryland community garden? Try applying for one of the many garden grants available. The list of potential program applications and resources that may prove fruitful includes:

Landscaping/Gardening Materials Delivered Free

Of course you’ll need gardening materials like compost, topsoil and mulch too. We’d suggest beginning with bulk compost that is rich in organic matter and nutrients. It should give your Northern VA or Maryland community garden’s plants an excellent start. The compost would also pair well with organic topsoil, native topsoil and orgro.

There are a lot of different types of mulch that could be incorporated into a Northern VA or Maryland community garden as well. One of them is leaf mulch. It is known to attract earthworms. So you could also use it to create an earthworm farm for your community garden. Other products to consider investing in are color enhanced mulch, double-shredded hardwood mulch, wood chips and playground carpet mulch.

To learn more about having those affordable materials and more delivered for free to your community garden, please contact us at (301) 500-2200 or (703) 828-1609. At Saunders Landscape Supply, we applaud your efforts and pride ourselves on providing hand-selected, quality guaranteed landscape materials to Northern VA and MD communities. We deliver fast and payment for premium, bulk landscape supplies is due upon delivery.