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Use less Ingredients than a cookie recipe to get an amazing walkway. Pea Gravel & Sand!! Just follow the Saunders Family Recipe and you’ll be walking tall on your new walkway.

Pea gravel is our Best pick to top your walkway instead of other materials for a few reasons. As much as we love mulch and bark for other uses, (they are soft to walk along) they break down easily over time & busy foot traffic.

You also want to make sure whatever material you use is easy to walk on and that’s why we like Pea Gravel most of all. Named after the tiny veggie because of its size, it’s incredibly easy to work with.

We like to think of sand for a foundation, as flour to a baker. It’s an essential base material but makes the end result great. (It’s also easy to work with.)

While you need to be specific with your own measurements and walkway outline and markings, we have a few DIY tips for laying your walkway materials:

1. Make sure you’ve excavated a six inch trench and make sure it’s evenly dug.
2. Make sure you lay out an underlayment fabric to stop weeds from popping up.
3. Next pile in and evenly smooth out a three inch layer of sand and wet it with a spray from the hose. Remember, wet don’t soak. You want a nice walkway not a beach.
4. Then, rake the sand and make sure it’s packed in there.
5. get out your Pea Gravel, making sure about 3 inches is piled in. Rake along the whole path to even it out.

Last but certainly not least, stand back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back.. Order today.