Gardening has always been a popular way to spend time. With as many as 164 million people gardening in the United States in the past 12 months, garden landscaping supplies are in high demand. The type of supplies you will need for your garden depends on what you would like to accomplish in your gardening endeavors.

Organic compost and mulch can benefit produce gardens, flower beds, and even trees. Usually used at the beginning of the season to warm soil, mulch can also be used to conserve moisture and preserve the health of the soil. When added to the soil, compost is a great fertilizer, soil conditioner, and a natural pesticide.

Other garden landscaping supplies you may need are rocks and gravel. Gravel can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and types, allowing gardeners to choose exactly the right type for their needs. In addition to being a great material for paths and walkways, gravel can also be used to build a durable driveway. With proper maintenance, gravel driveways can last a lifetime. If gravel pathways don’t suit your taste, you can use brick, large stones, or sand to complete your garden.

Of course, garden landscaping supplies aren’t limited to just plant food and rocks. Seasoned firewood for an outdoor fireplace, strings of lights, and outdoor flags can all add personality to your garden. You might also consider adding a small pond, bird bath, or fountain to attract local wildlife. A gazing ball, memorial stone, or comfortable bench will all add visual interest to your garden.

With the right supplies, you can turn your small flower bed garden or window box to a beautiful retreat right in your yard. Even vegetable gardens can be aesthetically pleasing with the right landscaping. No matter how big or small your garden project, you will be able to find the right supplies to make your garden shine.