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If you go to a garden store, you will see there are many types of mulch. We know you want the best mulch for your landscape for fall and winter. So, we thought we would help you out by talking about each type so you can make the best decision for your landscape.

1. Shredded bark: This is probably the least expensive type of mulch. It is usually just shredded cedar trees mixed with other types of trees. This mulch will decompose slowly, so if you want mulch that will last longer than other types, this is the type to use. However, it is shredded trees, so walking on it can give you splinters. You might need to add some nitrogen to your soil since this mulch can use the nitrogen as it decomposes.

2. Straw: Straw is an easy mulch to use and it will decompose faster than the shredded bark. It’s inexpensive, but might blow away easier than other mulches. Before you use straw, be sure it does not contain weed seeds. For fall, the straw provides a golden color which can enhance your landscape.

3. Pine Needles: Pine needles are smaller than straw or shredded bark mulch. They tend to stay in place better than straw. Pine needles are slow to decompose, just as shredded bark. If you have plants that love soil with high acidity, then pine needles are great as a mulch since they increase soil acidity.

4. Bark Nuggets: This type of mulch is larger in size than the previous 3 and is best for flat surfaces. Due to size, bark nuggets are the slowest to decompose, so they will last the longest in your landscaping.

Which mulch is best for you? It all depends on the size you want and if you have a slope or flat surface. If you have more questions, or are ready to have a bulk order delivered, please contact us and let us help.