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Landscape Supply Delivery in Chantilly

Located about 24 miles outside of Washington, D.C., Chantilly, Virginia, is a high-powered, bustling city in western Fairfax Country, Virginia. With rich history, including the Battle of Chantilly during the Civil War, Chantilly, Va., has existed as a staple of Northern Virginia for a couple of centuries. Chantilly houses the Sully Historic Site, the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, and Dulles International Airport. With so much history, culture, and personality, it makes sense that Chantilly would require the highest-quality landscaping material.

Saunders Landscape Supply supplies Chantilly, Virginia, with mulch, topsoil, gravel & stone, sand, firewood, and wood chips. With free bulk delivery, you can have premium landscaping materials on your home in Chantilly, often on the same day. Integrated into the Chantilly history, Saunders Landscape Supply has been supplying Chantilly with landscaping materials since 1994. Our high-quality supplies stand the test of time, with premium customer care and quality service.

Saunders delivers landscape supplies to Chantilly, VA

Beautifying Chantilly, VA

Chantilly, Virginia, is a prominent city in Northern Virginia. Located in western Fairfax County, Chantilly is bordered by Centreville, Herndon, Reston, and Fairfax. With a few different major highways passing through, Chantilly has become a hub of movement and travel in Northern Virginia. With many commercial shopping centers, such as Sully Plaza and Chantilly Crossing, Chantilly, VA, allows residents to engage thoroughly with other residents. Furthermore, Chantilly has a rich truly-American history. Residents can visit Udvar-Hazy, an extension of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. The Sully Historic Site is also in Chantilly, which is a nationally registered historic place. The Site is an old plantation site, owned by the Lee family. Lastly, the Washington Dulles International Airport is located in Chantilly, Va., with its distinct landmark-style front entrance. Dulles Airport is one of two airports that service Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Mulch Delivery in Chantilly

Saunders Landscape Supply offers a variety of different types of mulch for free delivery in Chantilly. Mulch is important for your landscaping because it promotes plant growth, adds stylistic appeal, and suppresses weeds.

Mulch moisturizes the soil by allowing the soil to retain its natural moisture, while also preventing excess sunlight and wind to penetrate the roots of plants. Furthermore, in the cold, winter months in Chantilly, the mulch provides some much needed insulation. Mulch also reduces soil compaction because the mulch will absorb much of the force of people walking and the weather, which allows roots and stems to permeate the soil and mulch layers, allowing for better plant growth. Mulch also helped to delineate the different parts of your yard, which adds to curb appeal. Lastly, mulch suppresses weeds by suffocating the weeds and obstructing their path to proper growth.

Mulch is important for your landscaping because it promotes plant growth, adds stylistic appeal, and suppresses weeds.
Saunders delivers topsoil and more to Chantilly, VA

Topsoil Delivery in Chantilly

For free delivery to Chantilly, Saunders Landscape Supply delivers topsoil to your house. Our topsoil is locally sourced, mostly from land development and excavation. With high-quality screening, we will filter out large rocks, sticks, or other products that detract from premium topsoil that is beneficial for your landscaping. Topsoil is important for your plants to get the proper air and water that they need. Topsoil allows for water, air, and other nutrients to pass through it, going into the soil of your landscaping. In the opposite direction, the roots in the ground can more easily permeate the topsoil to break into the open air. If you are looking to start a new lawn, regrade your lawn, or fill in depressions, then topsoil is the right option for you! Maybe you’re moving into a new house or you’re looking to completely change your residential landscaping; you will need topsoil for your new plants to live in. Regrading a lawn means to even it out, ensuring that it’s too sloped or under-sloped. To do that, you’ll need to scrape away the old topsoil, even out the subsoil, and then add more topsoil on top. We also sell organic topsoil! Organic topsoil is perfect for people who want to be more environmentally-conscious. Organic topsoil is made from our special blend of compost, so you can safely and consciously use it in your landscaping. If you want pure compost, we sell that, too. We understand the need to save the environment, and Chantilly residents are known for that. Compost is super healthy for your soil: It revitalizes plants and removes toxins. Our compost is also delivered for free to Chantilly, so you can enjoy the benefits of environmentally-conscious gardening without the extra hassle of DIY composting!

Gravel & Stone Delivery in Chantilly

Saunders Landscape Supply also provides free delivery to Chantilly for gravel and stones. From tiny gravel to big stones, we provide the perfect style, color, and size gravel and stone for your landscaping. With our free delivery, you’ll no longer have to cart home a bag of stones from your local garden or hardware stone, which will save you a lot of time and energy!

Our types of stones vary depending on what you need the stones for. If you are looking for decorative stones, then the 3/8 Bluestone Gravel or the Small River Jack. Stones and gravel tend to be colorful and well-draining, with a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are looking for something more utilitarian, you will probably want a slightly bigger rock, which could be the Gabion Stone (6”-12”) or the River Rock (5”-8”).

With our free delivery, you’ll no longer have to cart home a bag of stones from your local garden or hardware stone, which will save you a lot of time and energy!
Saunders delivers firewood to Chantilly and surrounding areas

Firewood Delivery in Chantilly

In addition to all of our landscaping products, we also do free delivery to Chantilly for pre-cut firewood! Due to our efficient systems, we can guarantee delivery for the day after the order is placed. We also have a stacking service, where we will place the firewood where you want it outside of your house. Our high-quality firewood is perfect for the cold, snowy, winter Chantilly nights, when you and your family are sitting cozily around the fireplace. We offer two different types of firewood: Seasoned Firewood and Hickory Firewood (Full Cord). We work hard to ensure that our firewood is below 20% moisture content in order to allow for a thorough and long-lasting burn for your family. Our firewood sits for at least eight months prior to selling, so you can rest assured that you are burning safe, premium firewood in your home.

Wood Chips Delivery in Chantilly

Saunders Landscape supply also offers free delivery of wood chips to Chantilly. Wood chips are the debarked insides of trees, so they are softer and clean. Wood chips are perfect for playgrounds, swing sets, and backyard pathways because of how soft they are. Wood chips are similar to mulch, but they are much lighter and provide more carbon to soil.

Wood chips are similar to mulch, but they are much lighter and provide more carbon to soil.



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